Top Dog Card

Our Top Dog card is a free membership card that saves you 10% on all purchases and 17% on any case of beer or wine, including in-stock, special order, and even mixed cases. Many special product offerings are only available to Top Dogs, including our occasional Big Sale, where every item in the store is on sale. We also maintain a registry of Top Dogs’ purchases, so that if you forget the name of that lovely little tipple you had last month, we’ll be able to remind you.

Rewards Program

Loyalty is rewarded here at Hair O’ The Dog. Everytime you whip out your Top Dog card and make a purchase you’ll earn Dog Points. Accumulate enough Dog Points and we'll lay a $50 gift card on you to spend here at The Dog. Some of our, uh, less than creative competitors have tried to duplicate this generous program. Except their “points” expire if not cashed in quickly enough or they only give you “points” on wine purchases. Not here. Spend a dollar earn a point is what we always say.

Wine Info Cards

We believe that we are the only store in the world that actually writes a custom wine description for every wine we sell. Maybe we're obsessive fools, but we believe that wine buyers want to know about every wine they can buy ~ not just the ones with the little Wine Spectator shelf-talkers stapled to the rack. We've written thousands of wine cards: at least one for each wine we've sold.

Corporate Babblespeak

Hair O’ The Dog Wine & Spirits is an independent retailer that is wholly owned by Three Ravens Investments, LLC, which is in turn wholly owned by two guys named Joe and Sam. All trademarks and copyrights to everything on this site are the property of Three Ravens Investments, LLC, so don’t make us sic our lawyers on you.