We have the Eastern Shore ’s largest beer selection – well over 200 different beers - all of which are refrigerated for your quaffing pleasure*. We stock all of the big names in addition to a huge number of American craft brews, imports, and exotics. Of course we also stock seasonals, lambics, large formats, and just about everything else you could think of. We even have over 100 beers available as cold singles.

We sell dozens of keg beers ranging from 1/6 bbl. to 1/2 bbl. Call us for the many keg options that are available. Bear in mind that many seasonal beers are available, ahem, only seasonally. We can acquire most kegs within one week of your order, and we can get some of them within 24 hours. Please call, email , or visit for keg pricing. For planning purposes:

  • 1/2 keg contains about 160 servings
  • 50 liter keg contains about 140 servings
  • 1/4 keg contains about 80 servings
  • 1/6 keg contains about 53 servings

Remember, Top Dogs get 17% off for all beer cases, including mixed cases. We also offer a 17% discount on mixed six packs.

The Unholy Beer Myth

Don’t be suckered by the myth that beer, once refrigerated, must stay that way, or it goes bad. This is an absurd lie that was foisted on the public by some beer store that was too cheap to buy a cooler. Beer doesn't go bad due to fluctuations in temperature.

Beer typically goes bad due to photodegradation, which is caused by exposure to intense light, generally the kind sent to us direct from Mr. Sun. This is why beer is typically packaged in dark glass. While beer can also "cook" like wine does when exposed to high temperatures, that only occurs at temperatures higher than 80 degrees. No beer that we carry has ever been exposed to temperatures that high. What do you think we are, Philistines?