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At Hair O’ The Dog, we taste over 1,500 wines annually so that you don’t have to. While most of these wines are enjoyable, some really suck. Think of us as your personal Secret Service agents, throwing our palates in front of offending wines so that you don’t get hit.

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A small percentage of the wines that we taste are truly exceptional values. These are the wines that we buy for you to drink.

They are generally not wines that you will find available for sale at the gas station, the grocery store, or the pharmacy. Some of those aren’t bad wines, but we prefer to support small, artisanal producers who care more about making great wine than they do about marketing studies of the return on investment of putting a kangaroo on the label.

Our Wine System

Some stores organize their wines based upon where the grapes were grown. We guess that’s fine if every customer coming into the shop knows that they want a Haut-Médoc Bordeaux Blanc or a Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. But it really stinks for the rest of us who are just trying to find a bottle that we might like with tonight’s pork chops.

So we’ve designed a progressive wine system that makes it easy for anyone to find a great bottle every time.

Our system is better in that it groups wines into eight Flavor Families. Each Family contains wines that have similar characteristics, regardless of where in the world the wines are made. Even better, you can easily match the wines with food using the Flavor Families.

The Flavor Families

  • crisp_and_fresh
  • soft_and_mellow
  • round_and_luscious
  • juicy_and_fruity
  • smooth_and_velvety
  • big_and_bold
  • sweet_and_decadent
  • bubbly_and_fun
crisp_and_fresh1 soft_and_mellow2 round_and_luscious3 juicy_and_fruity4 smooth_and_velvety5 big_and_bold6 sweet_and_decadent7 bubbly_and_fun8

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