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The (not so) Glamorous Life of a Wine Diva

A lot of people think being the wine buyer at The Dog is a glamorous and fun job (you know the drinking on the job thing, working with such a cool boss, etc.). Now, don’t get me wrong it is fun but it’s a lot of work too.  There are days when the sales reps come in starting at 10 am & don’t stop until 4! That is a ton of wine that I taste and, if I’m not careful, I can get a little tipsy (wink wink).

In all of those wines there may be five that I find may worthy of bringing into the store. I look at quality versus cost, overall taste (of course), and most of all I think about what my customers will like.  I try to put myself in their shoes to think what they would enjoy.  I have to constantly remind myself (if not, the boss is quick to) that the store is NOT my personal wine cellar unlike so many other wine buyers.  So, buying wine is not something that I take lightly.  One other important thing I ask myself when tasting wines is, “Is the winery a family owned operation or a large conglomerate?”  Since we are a small family owned store we like to support like-minded small businesses and we certainly hope that you feel the same way!  There is a lot of good wine out there made by hard-working folks like you and us!

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