WWDD or What Would Our Diva Drink….

IMG_1308This year we started a new section called “What Would the Diva Drink” or WWDD. This is where I, the Diva, can express my own palate and hopefully introduce our customers to something new.  See, as the wine buyer, I have to choose wines for the store that will appeal to our customers, not just to me.  As ‘The Man’ is always saying, this is not my personal wine cellar!

So every once in awhile I come across something that is really super cool and yummy that demands special attention, like a Schiavo from Italy or a Groeller Gris from the Loire Valley.  If left on the shelf, it’s something that you might pass by, but if we put it in WWDD then you’ll know that it’s something extra special and has its own stamp of approval (look for bottles with stickers on shelves for previous picks). So stop by & see what new things we have & what really tickled my fancy!