The Diva Waxes Poetic on her Favorite Wines…Rosés!

It’s Rosé Season and that makes me very happy!!!! It has been very gratifying to see one of my favorite styles of wine increase in popularity over the years.  I remember when I first started ten years ago how we just had a few cases.  Now we carry up to twenty different Rosfrom all over the world and in different varietals.

I could bore you with details on the different ways they make Rosé but I’d rather not.  What I’d like to tell you is that Rosé is absolutely delicious and very versatile. No longer do you have to wait until May to start drinking or have to stop after Labor Day when you put your white shoes away (you ladies know to what I refer). Rosé can vary from the bone dry, mineral, salmon-colored, and melon flavored of Provence to the rich, full bodied, lush strawberry, and deep pink of Spain and California. It can accompany many different foods ranging from ham to salads to seafood to vegetables to BBQ. Or you can be like me and just drink because it tastes so darned good!

I have currently have two favorites but that is subject to change at any given time! La Croix Belle Rosé from Cotes du Thongue just blew me away when we sampled a bottle earlier in the year. It comes on soft, in the middle it explodes with tart fruit flavors, and finishes dry.  My second isn’t in the store yet but I recently tasted it at a supplier show, La Spinetta. This is an Italian Rosé made from Sangiovese and Prugnolo Gentile but drinks like one from Provence. It is complex with red berries, honeysuckle, and pomegranate.

I invite you to stop in the store to check our Rosé garden out; it will be blooming all spring & summer!!