The Story of The Wine Diva, aka Leeanne Young!

Leeanne 3.1.16 So, this is my first ever blog. I’ve been debating what to write about and as I thought about wine varietals, styles, and regions it occurred to me that people are always asking me how I got started.

About ten years ago I was in between jobs and started working at Hair O’ The Dog, not expecting ten years later that I’d be the wine buyer! As time wore on I started learning about wine and discovered that I had a decent palate, I caught the wine bug! The guys saw my enthusiasm and encouraged me in my pursuit of knowledge. Over time I became a store manager then the wine buyer for Hair O’ the Dog, and I love it!!! I love searching for unique wines and introducing them to our customers. I get such a kick when a customer comes in and tells me how much they enjoyed the wine that I recommended. That and learning about new wines and regions are what continue to feed my passion.
Because we are constantly sampling new products I’ve discovered a new passion for bourbon & tequila. I was a strictly a wine girl who’d a thunk it? I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.