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Oh, have you met our new Event Coordinator Devon?

Hey there Top Dogs!

Many of you would have seen me this past year and a half if you had come into the store on Fridays or Saturdays, but now you’ll be seeing a lot more of me. I wanted to introduce myself, if you did not know, as the Event Coordinator at Hair O’ The Dog, and let you know a little bit more about myself.

I grew up in Williamsburg, VA, went to college at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and majored in International Relations and French (hey, wine is international, right?!). After college, I moved to Paris for almost two years and then moved to Easton, where my mom had relocated after getting remarried. As I had a little wine experience from living in France and drinking copious amounts of the good grape stuff, I ended up working a couple days a week at The Dog and also at the Tidewater Inn as a server/bartender.

Now, being full-time, it is awesome not being pulled in different directions between two jobs, or working 15 hours a day on the weekends. As much as I loved the Tidewater Inn, I am loving being able to focus my energy on this business. A business that is so great because everyone’s in a good mood! Think about it: people are coming in to buy alcohol for parties! People are celebrating something. It’s really fun to provide supplies for that, and to see everyone’s enthusiasm leading up to the event. Could you imagine being a divorce lawyer every day?! (no offense to any divorce lawyers out there reading this – power to ya!).

Anyway, with a little background on myself, I hope you all have a better sense of who is serving you, or will want to come in and use me for your parties! I’m really excited to be embarking on this mission this year and hope I can find success along the way. Worst case scenario, I’ll learn all kinds of things! It really is a fascinating business, with new products, knowledge, and cool people every day. Plus, I get to boss around the big bearded delivery guys now ;) I’ll update periodically on whatever strikes my fancy!  Thanks for reading y’all.


The Devonator

The Story of The Wine Diva, aka Leeanne Young!

Leeanne 3.1.16 So, this is my first ever blog. I’ve been debating what to write about and as I thought about wine varietals, styles, and regions it occurred to me that people are always asking me how I got started.

About ten years ago I was in between jobs and started working at Hair O’ The Dog, not expecting ten years later that I’d be the wine buyer! As time wore on I started learning about wine and discovered that I had a decent palate, I caught the wine bug! The guys saw my enthusiasm and encouraged me in my pursuit of knowledge. Over time I became a store manager then the wine buyer for Hair O’ the Dog, and I love it!!! I love searching for unique wines and introducing them to our customers. I get such a kick when a customer comes in and tells me how much they enjoyed the wine that I recommended. That and learning about new wines and regions are what continue to feed my passion.
Because we are constantly sampling new products I’ve discovered a new passion for bourbon & tequila. I was a strictly a wine girl who’d a thunk it? I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.